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Back from Break

Okay, so I took a little break.  Things got totally crazy around here with the holiday’s and shopping for 7 kids and a grandchild.  So, Happy New Year everyone!   I am really looking forward to 2013!

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, add to that blending a family and it increases to the four years!  We are almost 6 months into that.  This means in 2016 everything should be flowing…I wonder if that means teenage and preteen hormones settle down too?  I actually think this may be our biggest battle right now.  I can’t imagine how it will be in 4 years when we have yet another little girls starting into that phase.  The boys are easy right now…do they go through a hormone phase?  Really, I just can’t remember with my first son.  Girls are just so moody!

Christmas went well.  Joey came over a few days before Christmas.  Jackie, JP, and Hope came over to celebrate a couple of days before.  It is hard to get all of the kids in once place with so many families in their mix, especially when Joey had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  The kids got lots of presents.  The boys got tons of video games, however we did try to get them some things to encourage them to play outside…like a new electric scooter for Charlie and roller blades for TJ.

After Christmas T and I took a little trip to Sedona with my brother and his wife.  It was beautiful and a nice little get away with no kids.  We had great food and even wine tasted!  Who knew?  Grapes in Sedona?  We came home on New Years Eve and were exhausted.  We skipped a party we were invited to and were in bed by 9:00.  So…we didn’t ring in the new year.

We wrapped up the end of winter break by going to Paso Robles.  We stayed at a sweet little bed and breakfast, had some wonderful food, saw the giant elephant seals, and went to Hearst Castle.  Paso is one of our favorite places to go for a weekend.

The kids went back to school on Monday and they are slowly getting back into their routines.  Dance has started up again, so Kami is happy about that!  She missed it over the break.  TJ & Charlie are trying to relearn going to bed early and getting up early.  They were in video game world for a couple of weeks and it is a hard transition back.  Claire is happy to go back to school and see her friends, while Jenna is happy too, but bummed that that also means she is back at the after school program.

Terance and I are back on a lo-carb diet…the holiday’s put some extra poundage on in places we didn’t desire it.  I joined the YMCA to help force me to get that exercise in.

Over all things are going well and we are looking forward to this year!  Here are a few pictures from the past month!







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New Blog!

Image We have decided to change to a new blog site.  The old T and Me plus 7 blog will still be there, however I will now begin posting here.

For those new to my blog, my story with T began here.  We got engaged in November 2011, and married in July 2012.

I look forward to getting back to writing about our life as a new step-family…both our joys and our challenges.


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