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School Bell’s a Ringin!!!

1185774_10201283310778156_1521847280_nA friend of mine posted this picture on my facebook page.  It is pretty accurate to how T and I felt yesterday.  I LOVE when summer ends and school starts back up.  We get back into our routines, the kids play less video games, they don’t get as sick of each other, the house stays neater, they aren’t constantly eating, I have several hours a day to get things done, and the list goes on…I just love it!

That said, I do miss the time we have in the summer to go to fun places and spend quality time together.  We always take one summer vacation with the kids.  Last year it was a cruise to Mexico, this year it was a trip to Lake Tahoe, next year we already have an Alaskan cruise booked.  I also like the last minute fun times, like a trip to the beach or an over night trip to Universal Studios.  Those are the times the kids will remember.   Let’s face it, before we know it, they will all be graduating high school and starting their lives.

This school year will be a busy one.  Kami got her dance schedule and she will have eight dance classes a week!  Charlie is gonna try taking an all boys tap class.  Jenna and TJ will do horseback riding.  Claire is gonna try soccer.  Jenna will most likely have several doctor appointments to hopefully rule out different medical issues that could be connected to her 22Q.  I am continuing to study to get my real estate license and will be starting a new career.  Yes, busy times are ahead!

As of right now, I look forward to waving goodbye to the kids each morning, watching them ride their bikes down the street to school, and then sipping my coffee, studying, writing, and having some peace and quiet until that school bell rings at the end of the day.


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