Rest, Relaxation, and an Answer!

Kids In SacramentoWe just got back from Tahoe and had a fabulous time!  We braved it and drove with all 5 kids and grandma too.  We stopped in Sacramento and met up with T’s parents and had a nice dinner at a little pizza place downtown.  Tahoe was beautiful and the weather was perfect.  We spent our days hiking, hanging out at the beach (lake beach that is), kayaking, and eating a lot of good food.  It was great to spend time with the family.  The trip ended with a dance performance choreographed by Kami and Kaitlin.

While we were there, T and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  We got away from the kids, went gambling at the casino (only lost $3.00) and had a wonderful dinner at a very romantic restaurant.

Now for an update on Jenna and her diagnosis.  We have an answer.  She has a chromosomal disorder called 22q deletion, aka DiGeorge Syndrome.  It explains a lot and is why she has learning disabilities, as well as other physical issues (low muscle tone, joint pain, etc).  We are very lucky that she has not had the heart issues that many have, or the low calcium levels.  However with this new diagnosis, we will be seeing many specialists just to confirm all is good with her health.  I’m still in the process of researching it all, but again, we have an answer and that is huge!


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