Okay, okay, so I took another break!

Spring Break Vacation

Spring Break Vacation

I confess, I have been really bad about blogging lately.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it is the challenges of juggling five kids at home, two out of the home, a grandchild, a husband, mounds of laundry, cooking, cleaning, and trying to fit a little school for myself in there!  Yes, that has to be it.

Since I haven’t posted since January, I guess a little update is due.  The kids just finished the school year and are now officially going into 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades!  They are still all in the same school, but this will be the last year for that, as Jenna will go off to high school in 2014.  But, I don’t even want to think about that yet!

Kami and Claire had their dance recital in May.  Kami is still super passionate about dance, but Claire has just informed me she would like to play soccer.  Kami just finished a two week dance intensive camp where she danced 7 hours a day.  The performance was great and she was in 7 dances.  Needless to say she wants to add more dance classes to her already busy schedule next year.  I’m not sure how I will pull it off, especially since now I have to figure out soccer for Claire, and horseback riding for Jenna, and who knows what for TJ and Charlie!  I can do this, I can be in five different places at once, right?

Next week we are going on vacation.  We are packing up the suburban and getting on the road for Lake Tahoe!  The best part is T’s parents will be there, as well as his sister and her kids.  It is kind of like a mini-family reunion without all of the family.  I wish everyone was going, but that trip is planned for next year (2014 cruise to Alaska).

Now for the struggles.  Most know that Jenna and TJ are in resource at school.  They both get special help with the classes they struggle with, and they both work at well below grade level in math and reading.  The school staff indicated at their last IEP’s that the kids really should get official diagnosis’ to continue receiving help beyond middle school.  What they have now is only speech/language IEP’s, and that may not be enough to follow them through the years.  I don’t get this, as they are clearly so far below grade level, how could they ever be expected to do the same work as the other students?  Anyway, I asked the doctor to refer us to a neurologist and she did.  Jenna had her appointment last month and TJ’s is in October.  The doctor ordered a Chromosome Microarray test for Jenna.  She suspected she may have a chromosomal disorder.  Well, yesterday I got a call from the nurse that there were abnormalities with the test.  One part of me is totally bummed out, but the other part of me is glad we may finally have an answer.  I will be going in next week for the results.   Whatever they are, it doesn’t change who she is, or the fact that she is and will always be her unique self.  🙂


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