Family Update November

Well, as usual, life has been crazy in the Kinsky/Armendariz household.

School is going great for all of the kids.  Jenna loves it and recently said in an essay she was writing that this was the best school she has ever gone to.  It is so nice to see her happy, after being so unhappy in school.  She still is not a morning person and doesn’t like doing her homework in the after school program, but overall she is doing great.  TJ is actually being responsible and doing his homework.  This is a first for him.  He has a very strict teacher this year, a retired military man, you get the picture.  Kami has made a lot of friends in her class and has a great group of girls she hangs out with.  Charlie and Claire Marie are doing well too.  They also have great teachers and are making friends.  Overall, we are extremely happy with the school and the teachers.

Jenna & Kami and friends on Halloween

Claire Marie and friends at the parade

TJ on a school field trip

Kami and Claire Marie are both dancing again this year.  They go to a great little dance studio in Los Olivos.  They both performed little Halloween dances, which were adorable.  Charlie is playing football and they are going to the Superbowl this weekend!  Sadly, I will miss it as Claire Marie’s 7th birthday party is at the same time!  We had no clue this conflict would happen when we set up the party.

Charlie after a game

Terance and I just spent a weekend in Las Vegas.  His cousins Mark and Rob came, and I hung out out with a few of my really good girlfriends.  I don’t gamble, so my weekend was all about girl time and shopping.  Terance and boys had fun betting on football and playing craps and blackjack.  The weekend flew by.  Funny, at first I thought it was going to be a date weekend, but I barely even saw T. We probably spent a couple of hours together at the most, which is totally okay.

Mark, Terance, and Rob in Vegas

Gina, Karla and Carla in Vegas

Now for the most exciting news of all!  My mom is moving to town!  She will just be 4 houses up the street!  The kids are thrilled, as are we!  Will be so nice to have her close by.


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